Today’s the big day, you’re armed with your schedule,  goal-oriented Pinterest, coffee and snacks! As much as we all love food, this is a practical recommendation not only to keep you sustained but to mitigate the potential for distractions. You have to stay in the PURGE ZONE!

Also, make sure you prepare to be really brutal – let your no mean no. Leave the emotional attachments at the door. You will show no mercy. You are a style savage! 

It’s important to get into a very black-and-white mindset because as you go through your clothes, nostalgia creeps along and attaches itself to your garments. Many pieces will come up that you feel financially or psychologically attached to, but today is the day that you be super honest with yourself. That’s why we recommend inviting a friend to do the purge with you, so you can have a back-up opinion and genuinely call for “Help a sista out!”. Also, it’s easy to convince yourself that something is a good idea – often times when you’re making explanations out loud you can find out differently.

Being that this is a clothing oriented post, we also of course have recommendations on what to wear for that day. It’s important to be able to change, layer, and dress quickly. You don’t want a bulky cashmere pullover getting in your way. It’s best to be neutral with your clothing, a basic cotton top and jeans should be your trying-on outfit. You really don’t want what you’re wearing to interfere with any pieces you’re trying on – your clothing should be unobtrusive to your decision making.IMG_1467.gif

The decisions you should be making, should fit into three categories – which by the end of the day, will really be two. Keep, Toss, or Maybe. The “Maybe” pile is a small caveat – sometimes there are pieces that don’t fit in the black and white, and are a bit of a grey area for whatever reason. Let them sit as you move on through your pieces, and by the time you revisit them – make sure they either fit properly in “Keep” or “Toss”.


This is a very important rule. Do not have anything sitting in “Maybe” at the end of the day.

Some questions that can help you decide as you pour through your selection are:

  • Did you wear ______ last year?
  • What are you going to wear _____ with? (Can you make 3 outfits from it)
  • Are you just keeping it because of the price you paid for it?
  • How much money could you make if you consigned it?
  • Do you feel good when you’re wearing it?
  • Is it practical in your climate?
  • If you tossed it, would you be inclined to buy something similar to replace it?
  • Does the item even fit in with your look? Is it aspirational? Is it realistic?
  • Do you have to buy specific pieces to go with it just so you can wear it?


Most of the time, your  gut will tell you if we should keep it or not. We kind of just know if we should toss it. Free yourself of everything that drags your wardrobe down. You will feel better about it in the long run. Our best piece of advice is to:

  1. Be realistic about your lifestyle.
  2. Be comfortable in everything you wear.
  3. Be willing to let things go, in order to make your wardrobe more full.

Stay tuned for the Purge Part 3. We’ll share our tips on how to make the most from those items in the “toss” pile.




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