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Fall is the perfect time of year to showcase your jacket selection. The weather is cold enough that most outings requires an extra layer, but not too cold that you need a heavy-weight coat covering your outfit every time you leave the house.

I tend to structure my outfits in terms of the rule of three (Your outfit minus shoes, bags and accessories). And, to feel totally polished, that third piece is what ties everything together. Jackets have so much power in finalizing the look you’re trying to achieve. For softer outfits a black leather jacket can add a little edge. While an all black outfit can be softened up with a coloured bomber.

Bomber jackets have been one of the biggest trends of 2016, and for good reason. Their effortless cool factor is rooted in their military pilot-fighting roots. But, they’ve come a long way from their original styling. The insurgence of the bomber has produced a diverse range of colours and designs. From classic black to feminine pinks, the bomber looks just as good on a coffee run as it does on a night out with the girls.

For the last 8 years, my best friend has been some version of a leather jacket. Leather Jackets are incredibly versatile and can be worn with nearly everything. The initial investment can seem daunting, but the amount of use you’ll get from it more than make up for that initial cost. They are pragmatic and versatile, and elevate your outfit with little effort. I love AllSaints for their buttery soft, yet sturdy leathers. They also have variety; texture, colour, embellishment etc. – there is no shortage in choice. If it’s your first purchase, I’d recommend looking for the following:

  1. Quality – You can certainly find a leather jacket on a budget, but be careful, because a lower quality jacket will bag out and thin much quicker than one of higher quality. Look for 
  2. Fit – Fit is everything. A loose fitting leather jacket is probably not what you want. Choose a jacket that is initially on the snug side as they will relax with time. Alternatively, a very tight-fitting jacket is not ideal either. Think of it practically. You will want to layer underneath it so allow yourself room to pair it with a sweater or knit.
  3. Price – Don’t overextend yourself. Do your research, see what’s out there and then set a budget before going in-store. If you’re new to the Leather game, I recommend starting with AllSaints or the Mackage jackets at Aritzia. They’re a great place ot start looking and will give you a good indication of the range of styles and fits. On a budget? Check out Zara, Massimo Dutti, or Nordstrom’s Trouvé line. There are also great vegan leather options that achieve the same look, but at a fraction of the price.

The jackets we used for our capsule wardrobes are:

What is your favorite fall jacket?




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