Turtlenecks: 4 ways

Or, 4 ways to stop being afraid of turtlenecks.

“Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy. All day.
– Mitch Hedburg.

Okay, first of all – not true. Secondly (pardon my socially iconic ignorance) — who is Mitch Hedburg anyway! His analogies are so off point that we want to reassure you that wearing a turtleneck is not as horrible as this guy makes it seem. But — we agree — they can be perceivably daunting to style. Especially in an office situation (if these styles don’t fit your tropical office lifestyle, talk to your thermostat guy – explain the necessity of the neck).

  1. Think of them as layering pieces.


Don’t let the neck stop you! A turtleneck goes great with scarves, jackets, jeans — just as well as any other shirt would. You can layer them, a button up sticking out just below the hem is a great way to feel like you’ve spiced up a piece that is typically viewed as a one-outfit item.

This ain’t your mama’s catalogue Tommy Hilfiger style anymore.

  1. Pair it with a statement necklace.


Dress up your turtleneck with a piece of jewellery! Adding feminine details like this will help you feel less like you’re going to a cabin in the woods, and more like you’re owning the corporate world.

Necklaces can be feminine highlights, like these from Melanie Auld (a little glittering gold never hurts any outfit) — or more attention-grabbing, like the jewelled jugulars from J.Crew.

  1. Don’t think winter footwear.


Turtlenecks only surface when it’s cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to pair it with boots! Lighten your style up and mix fabrics and footwear. Sneakers, flats and pointed heels help keep things casual and perceivably manageable. 

  1. Balance out the bulk

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We love a good turtleneck but some days we just don’t feel like wearing one. Why? It can feel like you’re wearing a LOT of fabric. But, it doesn’t have to be like that! If you’re new to the turtleneck world, opt for lighter fabrics instead of a bulkier knit. Or, go sleeveless. Turtlenecks come in all shapes and sizes, so mix it up, like this one from Aritzia. It’s a less intense knit and the lack-of-sleeves and side slits make it feel completely balanced.

Also, just googled Mitch Hedburg. He’s an American comedian, if that tells you anything.

Don’t trust him.  


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