Black Friday

Black Friday

The saying “good things come to those who wait” seems especially potent given our Black Friday finds this year.

The impulse to buy buy buy! because it’s new, shiny, and hot off the press is a feeling to navigate at the beginning of every season. However, when you do rationalize your way out of an impulse buy – the thrill of finding it again… months later… at a reduced price is oh-so-rewarding.

Our three finds:

Mackage Rumer Jacket – Merlot


Not just wine, my friends.

This beautiful pebbled leather jacket can be seen… nearly everywhere in Vancouver. It’s a popular style for a few reasons.

  1. Fit – It is a sturdy leather that holds its shape with time. Unlike softer, buttery, leathers, the Rumer is sure to withstand the test of time.
  2. Style – We love a leather jacket that looks like a leather jacket. Our advice: stay away from the super tight fitting, cropped look. It doesn’t read as well, and it’s way less practical than something that can layer and withstand your day.
  3. Price – We got this bad boy for 20% off the regular price. Which is a lot when you’re buying leather. Aritzia still has some in stock still so if you’ve been pondering this purchase – get it before it’s gone.
  4. Colour – We love that this is neutral, but not black. This Merlot hue pairs beautifully with black, navy, white, grey – you name it. It also adds a little interest when the rest of your outfit isn’t pulling its weight.

Citizens of Humanity – Liya (Hi-Lo)

Liya Hi-lo by Citizens of Humanity

Ah, the Liyas. We both purchased the Liya Torns in the spring and wore them to death over the summer.

The Liya’s are a stiffer denim with less stretch than other Citizen’s styles, but they soften up like a dream. They take on the shape of your body and relax enough to look slightly loose and uber soft.

We both wanted another pair of Liya’s (for obvious reasons). For me, it was because mine have gaping holes in the knees now, and in the winter it’s really nice to warm those little guys up with some fabric 😉

We got the Hi-Lo version at Holt Renfrew for $180 from $345. They don’t have them listed on their website, so pop in to your local store and grab yourself a pair of these. They are well worth it.

Chloe -Hayley Hobo


Funny story… One year ago today – at Holt Renfrew’s amazing Black Friday sale -I stumbled upon a beautiful Chloe bag at the bottom of a gaping pile of designer bags. I saw it. Loved it. Grabbed it.

I actually didn’t even know what it was until I saw the gold hardware. Despite having zero intention of purchasing a bag of that calibre and, ahem… price… on my lunch break, I couldn’t in my right mind let it go to someone else…

So. I bought it. Brought it back to my desk at work and then continued to experience heart palpitations for the rest of the day. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t impulse buy a Chloe bag – even though it was beautiful/perfect/ideal etc.

The next day, I returned it. Felt sad for a minute and then felt really good! Yes! I made the right choice.

Since then, I have had varying feelings towards my decision to return it. At times, I regretted the return, at times I didn’t. Overall, I felt that if the timing had been better, it really would have been perfect. If I was prepared (financially, emotionally, mentally) to make a purchase like that then I would have kept it.

Flash forward a year later.

I was meandering through Nordstrom at their pre-sale last weekend and alas.

There she was again. The exact same bag I had purchased last year – on sale. Looking just as beautiful as last year.

And there I was. Financially, emotionally, mentally prepared to buy it. So I did.

And I love it.

No heart palpitations after that purchase.

Have you had any amazing Black Friday finds? Anything you’ve been eyeing that finally went on sale? Let us know!


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