LBD Alternatives for the Holidays

The Little Black dress is a staple for so many reasons. It allows you to make a statement, but keep the conversation muted to cute accessories or a bombshell figure-clinger. The crux of holiday parties, is that there are so many people congregated in a single space. This is your opportunity to shine! Make as many evenings as memorable as possible — and of course, definitely stand out in Instagrams.

Below, we have several LBD alternatives:

Get Colourful

The first LBD alternative, is to harness your femme fatale and don some serious, bold, larger than life colour. There are many ways to accomplish eye-catching, but perhaps one of the most

There’s hardly a better time of the year to don the Lady in Red look full force.


Start Sparkling


There are very few occasions when you can adorn yourself with sparkly, glittery goodness.

The holidays are your chance to glitterize.

We also want to keep it classy, so pair your sparkly dress with pieces that keep your the refined. A sparkly short dress with a low neckline, bare legs and high heels can look a little… Las Vegas circa 1999. So, keep elements of your look demure. Cover those shoulders with a velvety jacket, and elongate your legs with some great opaque tights and you’ll shimmer in all the right ways.

A glittery dress will do the trick, but it’s not the only way to incorporate some sparkle. Amp up your all-black look with a glittery jacket or accessories. Choose 1-2 key pieces and channel the sparkle selectively. You don’t want to walk in to your holiday party looking like a disco ball.


Go Light

Sometimes the best way to stand out is to think opposite. During the wintery holiday months, we see a lot of dark hues (which is beautiful), but if you are looking for a way to pop, a great option is to opt for lighter, whiter tones.

Lighter tones are often associated with warmer seasons, but they don’t have to be. In our opinion, winter whites and creams pair perfectly with the colder seasons – it’s just all about how you wear them.

Go for separates! A dress isn’t always the solution. Pair a silk camisole with a killer midi skirt to for the ultimate LBD alternative.

Textured whites, like this faux fur jacket, give an outfit weight and offset the lightness of the silk camisole. The pink skirt pops with shimmery silver flecks, and it’s midi length is perfect for the colder temperatures.

Wear Pants (LBP)

If you can’t get beyond your Little black comfort zone – that’s totally okay! It’s always better to be comfortable at a party, than not. Rather than dedicating your whole look to a single black dress, why not try an alternative approach to black and pair culottes with a backless body suit and heels? 

This will help give your figure enough flare to start a conversation over egg nog, but keep you in your comfort zone. The benefit of pants too, is that you can play with dimensions (cropped jackets, long sweeping jackets, etc).

Okay, those are some of our tips for funking up your holiday looks! If you use any of them, we’d love to see! And we’re open to hear other ideas, always.



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