No Ragrets

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January is a month of reflection, and as such, we thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on the past year.

You know those pieces in your wardrobe you always say “Yes” to? The one’s you have to tell yourself not to wear because you’ve worn it for the four days? The pieces that instantly make your day easier… comfier… simpler… chic-er?

We all have them.

Knowing that you have x to throw on if you want to look hella good, or X to throw on when you’re running late, makes you feel like you rule the world and are the smartest shopper, ever.

We’re certainly not opposed to wearing pieces more than one day in a row. It’s silly to put pressure to challenge yourself creatively every. single. day. If you love a piece, wear it. Just rotate the stuff around it, and you won’t bore yourself.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite pieces we purchased in 2016, along with a guesstimate of how many times we’ve worn each. These are our major “got my money’s worth” pieces.

Tess’ Top 5

1. Acne Jensen Boots

Every year I buy something similar to the Jensen, until this year when I decided just to get the real deal. They required next to no break-in time, they’re comfortable, and make most of my outfits look more polished when I wear them.

Worn: 3-4 times per week since purchased in September, 2016.

2. Isabel Marant Dicker Booties

I scored these at Holt’s Boxing Day Sale last year for 50% off. They’re still very current, and can be found in most designer shoe sections. #DealoftheCentury

Worn: 2-3 days per week in Spring/Fall

3. Chloe Mini Marcie

Literally the best everyday bag for summer. It is light, buttery soft and goes with all my summer pieces. This bag was my go-to last summer.

Worn: 4-5 days per week during the Spring/Summer since purchased in March 2016

4. Citizen’s of Humanity Liyas

We’ve both talked about how much we adore the Liya’s. If you ever see me in person, I will most likely be wearing one of the three versions I own.

Worn: incalculable.

5. Chloe Drew

This was my first designer bag purchase, ever. It was a big deal for me to buy it, but i’m glad I did. I’ve had moments when I’ve questioned whether it’s timeless enough, but overall it makes me happy and is wearable all year around.

Worn: 1-2 times per week since purchased January 2016

Olivia’s Top 5

1. Rag & Bone Diana Sweater Coat

When I found this, I squealed with delight. We were both blown away by the deal this was! I’d had my eye on it when it was first released, then it promptly went on sale and promptly landed in my closet. I love, love, love it.

Worn: 6-10 times since September, 2016 purchase.

2. Aritzia Coat / Sweater

I really like this piece because it doesn’t really identify as a coat, or a sweater – which means it’s in the perfect spot to be worn both inside and out! I’ve even put it beneath a thicker, bigger, boyfriend-cut coat for those really chilly Vancouver days.

Worn: Incalculable

3. Jbrand Houlihan Cargo Jeans

Man, I wanted these bad boys ever since I saw Rachel Bilson wearing them in the early 2000’s. Such a cute, casual alternative to jeans!

Worn: 6-10 times since September, 2016 purchase.

4. Stuart Weitzman Oxford Booties

I needed black, flat boots; and I’ve kind of been covering the chic casual approach that the oxford provides to a cropped pair of pants. So when I saw these during the Black Friday sales, I fell in insta-love. We’ve been inseparable since.

Worn: Inumerable

5. Mimosa Studded Boots

I’ve wanted the Chloe Susanna boots since Tess and I set eyes on them; but with how much I spent on a new wardrobe this year (I purged really hard in 2015!) I couldn’t justify the actual boots. But these velvet options are just as cute, and super comfortable! I love the extra pizazz they add to any outfit, and copious compliments I receive with each wear.

The Ragrets

No matter how much though you give a purchase there are times when we just don’t get it right! We thought we’d bring to light a few misses in 2016. Check out the one’s we could have done without:

1. Citizen’s of Humanity Flares

This is a heart breaker. I actually thought I would wear these. But I just don’t. I don’t know if any of you have worn flares lately, but I find them overwhelming. I just do not feel myself when I wear them. This one was a miss.

Worn: Once?

2. Louis Et Cie Stacie Bootie

Just after I bought these I subconsciously decided i’m not really a high-heel girl. I love a pair of heels at night, or for an event, but these seem too casual for night and too heel-y for day. Not my best purchase!

Worn: 3 or 4 times, with great discomfort.

3. AllSaints Tie-Jumper

This was one of those pieces that I liked, but my mother loved. And of course, I always take my mother’s advice – but I never wear this bad boy. It’s got slits, which means it’s cold! Or has to be worn with high waisted jeans – or a shirt beneath. So complex!

Worn: Twice? Balefully.

4. Rag & Bone Blue Hat

Last year, I was totally in a hat phase. I wore a Holt Renfew brand fedora to the point where it had lost its shape. Rain, snow, sunshine, that hat was on my head. So, I obviously needed to replace it; and I did, successfully, but I guess my style changed and  – I kid you not – the tags are still on this bad boy, and I bought it in the summer for pre-fall 2016!

Worn: Never

5. All Saints Backless Dress

Ok, I love All Saints, and I was feeling extra-hot and diva-ish one day and thought I’d be a total badass and wear this dress all the time. Unfortunately, reality stepped in and I became really butt-conscious in this piece, and felt it wouldn’t be quite as appropriate as I would have liked. That being said, there’s several opportunities to force myself to wear this still for date nights and stuff – so maybe when it stops being so cold, I’ll wear this more! (Can’t handle the chill on my legs).

Worn: Once-ish.

We want to hear from you! What were you most-loved pieces in 2016? Any regrets of your own? Let us know!


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