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If you live in a climate anything like Vancouver, dressing for the rain is a daily occurrence. In fact, you’re more likely to face a rainy commute than a dry one.

When this is your normal, wearing rain boots and ponchos everyday isn’t realistic.

As true Vancouverites, we’ve developed a list of Rainy-day hacks to get you through the day without sacrificing your outfit 😉

The Rain Game

If you’re tossing up what to wear, gauge the level of rain first – is it raining heavily, moderately or lightly? If its raining heavily you will want to err more on the practical side – think waterproof boots and a rain jacket. At a certain point, not even the cutest outfit is worth the wet feet and drenched hair. However, if it’s light to moderate you can be more liberal with what you put together.

The first thing you want to do is get a good rain jacket. That doesn’t mean yellow neoprene, rather, something capable of repelling rain away from your body. Fabrics like wool and cotton absorb moisture – so avoid those.  

There are lots of options to choose from and depending on your style, you’ll be able to find something that blends in with your current wardrobe.

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Rain jackets don’t have the best reputation, but there are so many options out there for you to try. Whether it’s Casual, Chic or Practical, a raincoat will protect you from the elements and keep you stylin 😉

Another option is the Classic trench coat. If you don’t want to ooze rain coat the trench is an excellent medium. Just make sure the fabric is water repelling.


There are two kinds of people in this world. People who wear gum boots and people who don’t (just kidding). We think a pair of short hunters can look cute if you have the look to pull them off, but there are lots of other rainy weather alternatives to keep your feet dry that aren’t rubber. Try a weatherproof Chelsea Boot, or Stacked Heel bootie!

The simplest way to deal with the rainy weather is to use a really good waterproofing shoe treatment. We recommend it for everyone living in temperamental climates as it will prolong the life of your shoes. Its cheap too! Pick a can of this and you’ll save yourself the cost of buying a new pair of boots every season.

A note on rainy day footwear: You don’t want cold feet. Opt for full coverage. Save your loafers and flats for drier days.


Aquatalia is a shoe brand that specializes in beautiful, waterproof leather and suede shoes. The best part about it? You would never know it. They have the look of a regular pair of shoes, with the added bonus of being durable.

Ankle Booties: here and here

OTK boot: here


Overheard in Vancouver: You can tell someone is a tourist if they’re carrying an umbrella.

Of course this is not true in all cases, but when rain is a part of your daily life, you’ll find yourself without an umbrella 9 times out of 10. Whether its because you forgot it at the office, or it only started raining when you got on the bus, it’s smart to incorporate other elements into your daily life.


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Hats used to be a staple for most of the western world. In the last few decades they’ve become less popular and worn as an elective accessory as opposed to a practical one.

We love hats. They keep your head dry and instantly elevate your look. Just make sure to waterproof your hat before you leave the house with a weatherproofing spray.

Floppy Brim Fedora, Manhattan Fedora

Heck, even a good ‘ol toque will help keep your head somewhat protected!

Rain Weather Dont’s

With all our experience dodging rain drops, we have a few universal no-go’s on those wet weather days:

  • Suede
  • Sneakers with Mesh
  • Wool Fabrics
  • White (shows mud and dirt easily)

Do you have any rainy-day outfit hacks? We’d love to hear them!


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