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Ok, it’s blah-uary.

We’re not even dignifying February with its proper name. There was a bit of pep with Valentines day, but really…We know, it’s hateful, we’re not in spite or anything – just exhausted of all the sales and preparation for Spring that we can’t be part of! Two reasons for this:

  1. Finances are finite
  2. Our geolocation means rain, rain, rain and cold until at least April.

Part of what we found happening, was that our quick go-tos, became our only go-tos. And we were exhausting our monochromatic basics pretty quickly! Also, to be honest, we felt we had to stay on top of trends so our Instagram would look so much flashier. But alas, our wallets just can’t keep up. Nor can our interest, to be honest. We’re kind of tired of consuming.

So, we came together with our grumbles and decided that instead of shopping the infinite wardrobe of Shopbop, Revolve, Aritzia, Club Monaco, consignment stores, etcetera, we’d shop our own, and each other’s wardrobes! Similar to what we did with our 30-day capsule challenge.

Like the 30-day challenge, we found that pushing ourselves to interpret our pieces in different ways and with different combinations pushed our creative limits and fuelled our appreciation for our previous purchases, it also helped to have an expanded closet to choose from. We each left with some key pieces from the other’s wardrobe – in fact, we encouraged each other to take our most-worn pieces so that we’d be left to really examine our options and maybe revisit some of our other items that weren’t feeling quite so much love.

To tide you over until the new spring season officially starts (We’re looking at you, Vancouver), we strongly suggest you and a friend pool your wardrobes and shop each other’s closets. Three recommendations for a successful day are below:

  1. Create rules: We had rules we both understood prior to the wardrobe exchange. These are obviously flexible depending on you and your friends (thankfully, we both have similar standards). If you want some ideas, our rules were:
    1. No washing!
    2. Items will be shared for a month.
    3. No bottoms.
  2. Encourage your friend(s) to take your most-relied on pieces: This will push your creative threshold and make you feel somewhat vulnerable (it’s okay) with the pieces you have left behind, hopefully this makes your next month of outfits more out-of-the-ordinary and fresh!
  3. Invite someone who has a different style than you: This is where we ran into some issues. Both of us have very similar pieces, in slightly different shades and colours. While our wardrobes were expanded, our options weren’t really as breadth-y as we may have liked them to be. If you really want to challenge yourself, do this exchange with your more colourful companions.

If you choose to shop your, and a friend’s wardrobe, we want to know how it goes!



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