4 Reasons the Buddy System still works

We’re probably all guilty of that changing room selfie, fully equipped with the “What do you think of this?” caption. Massive rounds of applause to the ladies around the world helping their fellow babes emerge from the dressing room bolstered and glowing with the confidence we all deserve.

Buddy systems don’t stop then the field-trip part of your life is over! Between us, we’re thick as thieves when it comes to sharing purchase considerations. We know each other’s wardrobes almost as well as we know our own. Doesn’t matter how it evolves – we know we can rely on each other for sound, guaranteed opinions. Having a shopping buddy is important, and this is usually a person you find naturally – but below are some of the things we noticed in our relationship that makes it so fashionably trustworthy.


It’s not realistic to expect someone to be by your side for each transaction, but if they’re quick on their phone then you can have some seriously rapid-fire conversations about links you’ve seen, selfies you’ve sent, and ‘What should I wear to this event in an hour’!

Also, a few compliments here and there about ‘You look amazing’ never hurt aaanybody. 😉



It’s hard to have a shopping buddy that doesn’t shop in the same bracket as you – and that goes both ways. Some personal preferences are to spend less on clothes, and more on experiences or other avenues. Some people (like us) budget for clothing, accessories and shoes. You want to eliminate the question of spending when asking for an opinion, and it should be focused on how you look and feel.

That being said, sometimes you really do need your buddy to keep you in check. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve stopped and had to go “Really. Really. That’s like x% of our paycheque.” It’s really easy to get swept up in the romantacism of the Instagram lifestyle and all the bloggers and models who are constantly rotating new trends that you almost feel pressured to stay a part of.



Ah, this is critical for any friendship – but essential when finances and personal image are involved. When you ask your friend “What do you think of this” – you’re asking them to think beyond the moment. You’re really asking them to consider the price, how something would look on you, and the practicality of that. Walk through use-case scenarios with them.



Shopping is an art, be artists together. Share passions! Have someone celebrate with you when you decide to make that splurge, or go for the gold. It will be good for both of you to feel catharsis post-purchase. Especially if it’s something a little weightier on the wallet than one may be initially comfortable with.




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