10 must-haves for hot destinations

10 must-haves for hot destinations

With the never ending winter that has been 2016-17, my 10 day Mexico vacation could not come soon enough. Daydreaming about warm weather, shorts, and margaritas were the only things that got me through this dreary, wet and endless 6 months.

For 2 months prior to my departure I started collecting pieces that I thought would be perfect for my holiday. A top here, a dress there, it seemed harmless! Plus, it kept the excitement alive! One  week before my vacation I laid everything out on my living room floor. This included my newly acquired purchases, as well as my existing warm-weather clothing.

Absolute chaos.

My floor was covered. Not only did I have more than enough to clothe me for a month (my vacation was only 10 days), I couldn’t possibly fit it all in my suitcase.

There was only one thing to do. CULL.

From that, I arrived at a much more manageable selection of Mexico-worthy outfit options. Vacations can lead you to believe that you will wear something new every day, but in reality, you’ll wear things multiple times – and that’s okay!

Here are my top 10 pieces for anyone headed to warm weather:

Equipment Midi Dress

Equipment Silk Dress

When it’s hot, the best thing to slip on is an airy dress. The versatility of this white and black Equipment dress was undeniable. I wore it for a nice dinner, a casual day wandering around San Jose Del Cabo, as well as a casual champagne-popping evening on the beach. To dress it up I wore this black silk Aritzia robe, and this Madewell blouse to dress it down.

Le Fou Mercier Jacket

I love this silk number, and I am so glad I got it. I bought it knowing that I would wear it beyond my vacation. Day, night… you name it, this undeniably classy piece will be used endlessly this spring and summer.

Levis Denim Shorts

Simple, basic, comfy. These are my go-to shorts for daytime. I wouldn’t dare go anywhere warm without bringing these bad boys with me.

Zara Flamingo Shorts

Zara Flamingo Shorts

I bought these on a whim and without trying them on. I couldn’t resist the high waist, and cute little pink flamingos and thought they’d be a great alternative to my denim shorts. I was right!

Babaton Maximillion Jumpsuit

Aritzia Jumpsuit

Aritzia Jumpsuit


I bought this last year for a wedding with slight hesitation. I’m so glad I decided on it though because it is an amazing option for dinners, drinks and even day time shopping trips. I also found, while wearing this in Mexico, I matched nearly every agave plant I came across! Bonus!

Community Lumsden Dress

Mexico Packing tips

A linen dress doubles perfectly as a lightweight jacket. This one from Aritzia worked perfect as a cover up at the beach and as a transition piece from day to night.

Mara Hoffman Swimsuit

Mara Hoffman Swimsuit

I was determined to find a one-piece for this trip. I have a difficult time finding one pieces that fit because I happen to have a very long torso! I found this Mara Hoffman one at Nordstrom a few days before my trip and I am ecstatic about it. Its dreamy watercolour pattern makes me so happy, and the detailing on the back keeps it fresh!

Stuart Weitzman Mules

Stuart Weitzman Mules

Stuart Weitzman Mules

Huge shout out to the August Diaries for these ones. I saw these on her instagram story and knew immediately they’d be perfect for my trip. I ordered them from The September, and I must say it was the best online shopping experience I’ve ever had. The detail they put into personalizing your experience is so refreshing. Beyond the great customer experience, the mules themselves were the perfect tone and weight for the environment I was in.

Chloe Marcie Crossbody

I’ll admit that I bought this purse based on the fact that Léa Seydoux wore it in Spectre. In my opinion, it’s the only purse one needs in the summer/ on vacation. Its super light and small so you can’t over pack it plus it’s the perfect colour and literally goes with everything.

D&G Sunglasses

The first few days of my trip I wore dark Givenchy sunglasses, but they were way too heavy for the weather. They’re great for Vancouver, but the heat insured that they kept slipping down my nose. I bought these Dolce and Gabbana round sunglasses on my trip and they were much more comfortable in the climate. It was between these and the round Ray-Bans everyone’s wearing these days, but I settled on the oversized look as it seemed to suit my face shape a bit better.



Every trip is a new learning experience in the art of packing. In general I tend to wear about 70% of what I pack (not that great). But for this trip I found I wore nearly everything I brought – minus a few skirts and swimsuits.

My biggest packing tip is to balance neutrals with fun pieces. If all you pack is neutrals that go with each other, you will get bored.Make sure you to include some exciting items that make you feel amazing.

What are your warm weather packing tips?


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