3 Tips for Spring Transition Weather

As much as we pine for sunshine through winter, it does take its sweet time transitioning to our weather apps as a consistent promise. It’s like a toddler yearning to be an adult, unknowingly forgetting that it has to go through awkward adolescent months. Spring is like the ultimate adolescent month. It’s literally blossoming everywhere, and it’s totally beautiful! Green is showing up again, flowers are popping up on branches and in gardens. And if you’re on the west coast, you can guarantee that this much awaited flora will be well-watered.

So how do you handle the season adjustment when all you want to do is wear pretty colours and sundresses, but the weather is still awkwardly transitioning with rain and cool temperatures?

You do what you can. We’ve found that the small, incremental changes to your wardrobe help you feel much more spring apropos, whether or not Mother Nature is cooperating with your floral fantasies!

Choose white instead of black

It’s so easy to do all black with a statement jacket, or statement shoes, but trust us. You opt that basic black tee for a basic white, and you’ll feel so much crisper.  Another manageable alternative is powder blue. IMG_5426.JPGIMG_5429.JPG

Introduce more pattern where you can


The easiest pattern to introduce for spring is stripes. You probably even have some waiting to be flexed from your winter days! Adding alternating colours in such close proximity to each other adds an interesting element to otherwise block-coloured outfits.IMG_5420.JPGIMG_5423.JPG

Accent with colourful accessories


You may not be ready to introduce full colour yet, and that’s something we totally understand. A good way to ease into the full funk of spring and summer, is to start with accessories! Bags and shoes are a great source of spice for any old outfit.IMG_5422.JPG

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