7 Tips For Surviving the Aritzia Warehouse Sale


The once-a-year Aritzia Warehouse sale is here. I was lucky enough to be invited to the friends and family pre-sale on Tuesday August 29th. Which means, I’ll get in ahead of the public and have the opportunity to sift through the aisles of clothes before they’re completely overrun.

I’ve been to the warehouse sale quite a few times in the past, and each time I learn something new. This year, I’m sharing my tips and tricks for surviving the warehouse sale.

1. Pre-game.

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The lines are real. Make sure you eat before and come hydrated and caffeinated. There is no time to be sleepy at an event like this. Look alive people!

2. Dress for easy try-ons

Aritzia Warehouse sale

Wear something that will allow you to try clothes on outside of the change room. For example, I’m wearing a loose skirt and camisole and some mules – that’s it! This is not a time to flaunt your cutest outfit. This is about utility!

Pro tip:Avoid wearing pants. Don’t even think about wearing lace up shoes. And, for goodness sakes, avoid long sleeves! The easier it is to throw stuff on the better it will be in a tiny, cramped, (and very open) fitting room.

* Additionally, you will need to bag check, so if you’re eerie about that, just bring a wallet with a wrist strap.

3. Set a budget.

Aritzia Warehouse Sale

This year I’m capping my budget at $500. If I spend a little over, fine. But, I don’t want to go overboard with items I don’t really need. It’s easy to get lured in by the bargains, but don’t just buy something because it’s 70% off.

4. Decide what you want, and prioritize

Aritzia Warehouse Sale

Clear focus will help you plan and execute your wish list. Be clear about you want and stick to it. I’m looking for a wool coat, Citizens Jeans, and fall skirts. My plan is to go to the higher-ticket items first and then work my way down. Since a wool coat is going to be more than a skirt, it’s easy to prioritize. The highest priced items are right when you walk in, so take note!

5. Know your size

Aritzia Warehouse Sale

If you don’t shop at Aritzia that often, take a trip before the warehouse sale to check out your size. It will make finding pieces a lot easier once you get inside. You won’t waste as much time in the fitting room either!

6. Go with a buddy!

Aritzia Warehouse Sale

It can be so overwhelming to face this warehouse sale alone, so go with a group you can trust. Our group has overwhelmingly agreed to stick with the “You can do better” line if we find ourselves being lured by the price, instead of the fit! Be honest, be realistic and stick to your wish list items.

7. Cull, Cull, Cull

Aritzia Warehouse Sale

The line-up for the change room is long. And, once you get inside, it’s even crazier. It’s a chaotic free for all with limited mirror space. So, round up your goods, find a corner and try things on with your buddy to see if one, things fit correctly and two, feel comfortable. Guaranteed, you’ll be able to cut you pile in half.

**Bonus Tip

The Ground is Gold!

Aritzia Warehouse Sale

Check out the abandoned piles you see along the sides and in the corners of the room. There is so much good stuff in there! I found 3 amazing finds(including this long denim coat ^) just in stuff people had discarded!

Good luck to all of you that attend! Be sure to send us you tips and tricks if you come across any!




  1. Amanda
    August 30, 2017 / 7:57 am

    Great article, but I would be careful with the image of the changing room and watch out for half naked people on the blog.

    • meant2get
      September 5, 2017 / 12:45 pm

      Hey Amanda,

      Great feedback, thanks for reading!
      Agree on the photos, we’ve done due dilligence for making sure everyone’s in a safe place and the hectic awkwardness stays in the change rooms.

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