2017 Gift Guide

Whoops, was that an accidental hiatus? Well, there’s no better time to come streaking back into action than the Holidays, when we’re all focused on spending and finding those perfect gifts. Considering we’re only one more Monday away from the big tree-day, you might be cutting it kind of close for those sentimental pieces. Fear-thee-not, the Internet is doing what it can for you and making sure as long as you get your butt in gear by December 20th, most retailers are guaranteeing you’ll receive your present by the 24th. Reindeer not included.

For the friend getting an early start on their new year’s resolutions

Outdoor Voices Kit

This gift ranges between $100-150 USD and is for both Men and Women. Shipping is to the states only.

Outdoor voices is the gift to the fit fam of our generation. They make doing things more approachable and friendly – and if you’re looking for price savings on a sweet outfit, their “Kit” deals are perfect for you! Depending on what your recipient likes to do (jogging, hiking, dog-walking), they make recommendations on the types of fabrics you should be purchasing. Only caveat is that they only ship to the states, so hopefully, you have a PO box to take advantage of these sweet deets for both men and women!

For the homey homie

Saje diffuser

This gift ranges from $85-100CAD

What home doesn’t need some assistance in the smell-good department? While the flickering glow of candles sprinkled around add to the atmosphere, Saje diffusers are an investment you cannot go wrong with. A one-time purchase with a few scents and oil updates every few months will for sure have you winning on the home department for your more home-centric buddies. If you’re ordering online you must process your order by Tuesday, December 19th to get it for Christmas. 


For the sustainable slumber-er

Both the products below are from companies that care about the environment and the longevity. They’re both easy purchases that are the ultimate gifts, who doesn’t like comfort? Also, something about hot cocoa and cozying up in either of the below options just seems soooo delightfully wintery.

Arc Apparel’s Cami Jumper

An adorable onesie that can be worn year round? Yes please!

Rainbow Reformation Jammies

A nice alternative to black all the time during winter!

We hope you like our top picks. Let us know what you’re getting your loved ones this year!


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